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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

In this segment, options in terms of design, styles, stains and paints are endless to meet the most discerning clients wants, needs and requirements.  With over 30 years of design and project management experience, including the above project, we have been witness and part of the most extraordinary transformations.  Designing visually pleasing spaces is important but functionality and use trumps the overall plan.

The completed project is a collaboration of all professionals involved and most important adviser is the homeowner.  So knowing your wish list and appliance specifications at the start is an efficient approach to the start of a successful design and project.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

In this segment, cabinetry manufacturers catalogs have expanded sizes available and often full customization incorporated as standard options.  Usually these product lines allow for creative expression in design with little restriction.  The level of fit and finish is furniture quality and will meet most consumer expectations. 

The project included in the above pictures were two rooms renovated into one open kitchen design.  Great for family functions and entertaining by expanding the overall foot print of the kitchen space.

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