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  • Richard J Hebert

Making Business Choices

Smart business choices are at a premium so surround yourself with the right people

My son Jeremy and myself have comes a long way since our first location in 2018 and taking over this spot in January 2021. The pandemic made ordering plumbing products for our new showroom displays a slow grind to order to receive but we made it through that.


Very seldom does it ever happen when you get to mentor the next generation and have the pleasure of working closely with your son. I saw mentor yes but not completely, Jeremy being the next generation brings skills and a different perspective to the partnership and team. Take the "ego" and through it out the door and take the combined knowledge of both generations to bring us to the level we operate at today.

Projects & Bath by Design is Born

The Same practice is used when working with a homeowner on a project, it is the combined input of suggestions that allows for a project to flourish and shine while utilizing everyone's talent that they bring to the table.

We sincerely hope this blog helps you the shopper decide that going local will always bring out the best in any project. The sweat, blood, and tears we bring into this business bulding it from scratch gives us extra incentive to put our best foot forward on any project and treat it like it's our very own. Choose Projects & Baths by design for all your plumbing supply needs, vanity cabinets, kitchen refacing etc. Take a look at our online ecommerce plumbing store to take a look at the current trends and styles in the industry and order online or give us a call or dm and we would be happy to assist.

Thank you !


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